Multiple Dwelling Builds (2 – 5 homes)

Considering building across multiple titles?

Sustainable’s approach delivers unified, small scale community designs for 2-5 dwelling clusters that provide economic building outcomes and long term affordability for residents.

As with single builds, sustainable building and design considers the best orientation and placement of each dwelling to optimise for environmental performance as well as placement within the cluster. This results in architecturally bespoke homes that do not compete with another for light, breeze or views, but instead compliment another and collectively reflect their natural environment.

Benefits of Recipe Housing for Multiple Dwelling Builds

  • Dwellings Compliment Another – The sustainable building and design approach means each dwelling considers its place on the block and also its place compared to its neighbouring dwellings, ensuring continuity and no competition for sunlight or breezes.
  • Each Dwelling Remains Individualised – The sustainable building and design approach means that although 2-5 dwellings are being built, the resulting homes will not be same as each build will reflect different site constraints and owner needs.
  • Architectural Design Amplified – the use of the same architectural design principles gives these small scale communities their own sense of design identity and bespoke carpentry.
  • Scale of Economy – The pod approach of Recipe Housing gives multiple dwelling projects increased cost savings compared with single build costs.  This means that multiple dwellings can be delivered quickly and affordably.

Take our Sustainable Recipe House Community, ‘Recipe on Crowley’, for example:

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