Landscaping at St Lucia


A Great Example of Eco Design and Construction:

A challenging, high maintenance garden with the biggest challenge being to deal with the existing water pressures as the home was built in the middle of a natural gully.

We designed a dry river creek bed on both sides of the home as an appreciation of the original landscape. The formed dry river creek beds will lead and most importantly slow down pressuring overland flow water to a buffer-zone pond bed further down the block.

Once this buffer pond overflows the water will divert into another dry river creek system with grass and reeds to slow down and to utilise for the new rainforest garden.

The integration of a 22,500L tank behind the existing retaining wall ensures water supply for the garden and also for the toilets and laundry of the home.

The result: a great transformation from a harsh, high maintenance, never used garden space to a low maintenance and well water management of outdoor space which provides destinations and surprises. This is also an example of a challenging sustainable design by Sustainable.

A great demonstration of how Sustainable can work with challenging existing environments on steep slopes and utilising these.

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