Sustainability Principles

At Sustainable, sustainability is more than our name – it is our promise.

Sustainable creates affordable, environmentally friendly homes that deliver energy and cost efficient living throughout the 25 year life cycle of the home.

With the cost of electricity rising, homes with high environmental performance save their residents money in the long term. How?

Sustainable Homes reduce electricity and water costs by:

  • Smart design and materials use that increases the passive natural heating and cooling of the house, reducing the need for air conditioning, even in Brisbane’s summer!
  • Increased natural light reducing the need for internal lighting during the day.
  • Maximising the capacity of the solar panels by clever placement of the house on the site.
  • Maximising the catchment of water for use in the water tanks.

The Sustainable Home design process considers each of the sustainability principles in full to maximise the benefits to the home owners:

  • Water management
  • Solar optimisation
  • Passive heating and cooling
  • Natural light
  • Cross ventilation
  • Roof articulation
  • Internal zones and space
  • Thermal efficiency

During the build process, Sustainable applies environmentally sustainable principles to the construction phase:

  • Reduction in site waste, through efficient pod design reducing need of offcuts.
  • Repurposing materials or reusing materials on other builds.
  • Limiting heavy site works, thus reducing carbon footprint of construction.
  • Limiting removal of existing trees, thus reducing site erosion and minimising carbon footprint.

If you want more information about the sustainability inbuilt to all of our homes, we recommend watching the video about the Kingfisher House build. View the video here.

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