Enhance Your Property’s Value with an Eco-Friendly Home Retrofit

Retrofitting your home is not just a trend; it’s a smart investment that can yield significant returns in various aspects of your life. By embracing Sustainable’s Retrofit solutions, you can effectively improve your property’s net worth, enhance your family’s lifestyle, and introduce relevant sustainable design to an existing building.

Transform your home with Sustainable’s complete Design & Construct Retrofitting solutions for your entire existing property!

At Sustainable, our approach to Retrofitting goes beyond the conventional. We refrain from simply ‘renovating’ by slapping on additions like decks or rooms without first assessing your needs and existing home.

Our aim is to ensure that your entire property is optimised for sustainability and longevity. That’s why we prefer the term ‘Retrofit’, emphasising our commitment to providing holistic, sustainable solutions for your home and family lifestyle.

The primary focus of Sustainable Retrofits is to view the property on a complete scale and craft a sustainable solution with a sensibly designed outcome. This not only gives comfort to future net worth, but also minimises your piecemeal spending on reactive renovations.

“Retrofit your eco-friendly space”

A Sustainable Landscape Retrofit: Project Exemplar

In 2009, Sustainable transformed this outdoor space at a family home at The Gap (Brisbane), which was once occupied with an unwanted pool, and retrofitted into a 45,000L water tank completed with a beautifully, eco-friendly landscaped backyard.

By undertaking a complete client and property audit Sustainable established key project goals and outcomes, and for this eco-conscious Client, drought proofing the property was a requirement.

Sustainable transformed the family pool into a water trap, designed specifically to save water on the property by simply re-directing it to feed the gardens. This 45,000L pool-turned-water tank ensures enough water to supply all the productive landscaping and eventually allowed the Clients to pump the water into the house.

But practicality was not the Team’s only goal for this project.

The brilliant architectural design of this Landscape Retrofit was disguising it as an outdoor living space on a floating deck. Not only were the Clients thrilled with the new look, but Sustainable empathised with the family’s wishes, creating a space that inspires and complements their desired lifestyle.

It is a place where you can be comfortable entertaining, lounging, gardening, or just hiding from the world. We have spent more time in the new space in the past couple of months than in the previous eight years.

The Sunday Mail: Dream Homes 2009 Article

Jump into the archives! The Gap Retrofit project featured in the The Sunday Mail Dream Homes 2009 article. Read the full NEWS story here.

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Sustainable can transform your existing home with a design-led, environmentally conscious, and sensory-orientated Retrofit and/or Landscaping solution to suit your individual needs and circumstances. Submit a Retrofit Enquiry to our in-house experts today to start Retrofitting your eco-friendly space!

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