Custom Design

Sustainable Custom Homes are a design and construction approach that is dedicated to client’s individual and unrestricted requests for a fully sustainable built home.

“It is where the company built its foundations; Custom Design & Construction is what we do.”

— Brett McKenzie | CEO

Sustainable custom built homes are designed to respond and reflect to each individual client’s personality and to deliver high environmental performance over a 25-year life cycle.

Custom Designs have been a part of our Sustainable Team since our very beginning; just over 25 years. Over this time, Sustainable has been awarded with over 70 high level industry awards by our peers, locally and nationally, for our leadership in design & construction of sustainable custom built homes.

As a response to the construction industry market in 2004, Sustainable’s Recipe Housing® approach was born. Although a story of survival, Custom Designs have always been in Sustainable’s DNA.

Got Questions?  We have answers.

What are your sustainability principles?
Who is your chief home designer & builder?
Where can I see previous Custom Home builds?

I have a difficult to access or sloping site. Can Sustainable help?
I want to build more than 1 house on my block. Is Recipe Housing more suitable?
What is your design approach?

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