Recipe House at Karana Downs North


Built for a developer as a design showpiece, this exquisitely simplistic home was inspired by the surrounding landscape, with the acreage site’s dramatic natural contours being reflected by the contrast and pitch of this homes roof lines and extended further by the use of striking colours inspired by nature’s tones and it makes a perfect green housing by all its climate control function and by enhancing any available breeze from the natural ravine.


Architectural brilliance with climate control has been creatively extended within this home with its directional positioning.

This design enhances and captures any available breeze from the natural ravine below. Thus maximising comfortable living in a sub-tropical climate. Likewise, the extensive use of glass and louvres flood the home with light and brilliant warmth in the chilly months.

Floor Plan

Entry to the home is through a distinctive recycled silky oak, timber door.

Practical maintenance and great aesthetics being the emphasis of this home from its combination pebble and heavy forest mulch landscaping with planting of native trees through to the combination of lightweight cladding, with minimum impact on the natural site due to the use of steel stumps.

The finale is an extraordinary charismatic open flowing deck with its accessibility to all associated living areas with a combination of covered and fully exposed areas to exhilarate life to the maximum. Also see this Suday Mail publish about our Sustainable home designs.

Built on acreage, this exquisitely simplistic home has been positioned to maximise light and breeze making it a perfect home for the sub-tropical climate.

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