“Recipe on Crowley”

  A Sustainable Recipe House® Community

  • Crowley Street, Zillmere QLD

“Recipe on Crowley” presents three individual Recipe Houses®, designed and built as a sustainable cluster.

This Sustainable Community, created by CEO Brett McKenzie and the Sustainable Team, displays bespoke architectural design whilst complementing and maximising each homes’ sustainable performance.

Core sustainability principles:

  • Orientation
  • Passive heating and cooling
  • Solar optimisation
  • Water management
  • Natural light
  • Cross ventilation
  • Roof articulation
  • Internal zones and spaces
  • Thermal efficiency

For more information on the Zillmere homes, or to enquire about commencing your own multi-dwelling build, contact the Sustainable Office via phone (07) 3201 1177 or email reception@sustainabledc.au.

Phone: (07) 3201 1177