Construction Services

Advantages of our Sustainable Design and Construction:

  • Sustainable designs and constructs providing you with security and peace-of-mind (we have our own permanently employed design and construction team)
  • Design team involved throughout entire construction
  • You will know your construction costs right from the initial concept designs
  • We utilise sustainable construction principles, including recycling all building waste, utilising environmentally friendly materials and practices and also reusing products from deconstructed buildings. These are admirable principles that few in the construction industry practice
  • We not only construct your house, we also sustainably landscape your site.
  • Focus on your future needs and lifetime solutions by looking at the 25 year life cycle of houses
  • After construction you will always have a reliable team available for years to come should you require additional support
  • We are NOT project builders as they do not customised houses for each individual site
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity and build less homes per year; alike traditional project builders
  • We have won in excess of 60 high level National and Local Awards
  • Sustainable guarantees client satisfaction and personalised service


We at Sustainable have heard the horror stories about architects presenting plans that builders claim are impossible to build, but this is something you will not hear when you work with us. We do both the design AND construction to ensure the buildability of the design and to ensure your lifestyle and requirements are met constantly throughout the entire design and construction process.

If you choose to go directly to an architect, you would pay their entire design fees before you would receive a the final construction quote from various builders. But at Sustainable you will be provided with costs right from the concept design to ensure we are always within you budget and can guarantee the certainty you deserve with a realistic fixed budget.

When you select Sustainable you can be assured that we will assist you in every possible way in interpreting your aspirations from blueprint to actual creation. The end result is a seamless project that ensures the lifestyle of your dreams and ensures that there is a reliable team available to you for years to come should you require additional support.

What we construct


Sustainable design and construction throughout:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Southern Downs QLD
  • Toowoomba
  • North Coast NSW

Construction Sustainability

Our Sustainable Construction Objectives:

  • Site Management
    • Minimising the effects the construction of the building has on the surrounding environment
    • Reducing the amount of cut and fill on a site
    • Recycling removed soil into the landscaping instead of using foreign soil
    • Minimising disturbance to the local eco-system
    • Retaining existing features such as mature trees and water courses
    • Reusing products from deconstructed buildings.
  • Selection of Building Materials
    • Maximising the use of environmentally friendly materials
    • The selection of materials needs to be based on a variety of criteria
    • Sustainable keeps up with all the latest material innovations so we can introduce them to your building; if relevant.


  • Individual House
    • Will vary in accordance with your site, design and lifestyle requirements.
    • As an example for an individual House between 300-400m2 = 6-8 months for construction
  • Recipe House (one of our designs customised for your site) will involve:
    • Design Stage – 8 weeks (approximately)
    • Construction Stage – 12-18 weeks (approximately)

As an example a small Recipe House (Tivoli House) took 10 weeks and one of our large Recipe Houses (Boonah House) took 4 months with 2 months for landscaping.

  • Retrofit
    • Will vary in accordance with your site, design and lifestyle requirements.


Does your Construction budget fit into the following categories?

  • If you would like a new sustainable home and have a budget of $185k – $430k, consider our sustainable Recipe House range.
  • If you would like a new individual design and have a budget of $350k-upwards, consider our Individual Design Houses.
  • If you would like to renovate your existing house and have a budget over $100k, consider a Retrofit (sustainable renovation).

Below is a table to give you an indication of construction only costs. Please note these are approximate figures and are subject to your individual design requirements, site conditions, site location, available services (electricity, water etc.), soil type and any other factors that may inhibit or impact upon construction works.

Retrofits Recipe Houses Individual Designed Houses
$100k – $300k $185k – $285k $350k – $500k
$300k – $500k $250k – $350k $500k – $650k
$500k – above $330k – $430k $650k – $900k (+ above)

Your Process

Setting us apart from our competitors is the fact that SUSTAINABLE offers a unique ‘design-construct’ process for sustainable housing.

We have a hand selected design, construction and landscaping team that allows us to deliver better outcomes for our valued clients.

Our total design and construction process involves:

  1. You meet with us to discuss your design objectives, lifestyle requirements and agree on your requirements.
  2. Your designs are created that suit your lifestyle and will help significantly minimise your future running costs, whilst also minimising the impact the build will have on the environment.
  3. Your house is constructed utilising exceptional, environmentally-favourable designs.

Your sustainable housing will not only meet your immediate and future needs, but will also benefit the environment. The end result is a seamless project, which achieves your specific outcome and ensures a reliable team is available to you for years to come should you require additional support.

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