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SUSTAINABLE respects the existing landscape and designs sustainable solutions for you that work with the environment; not against it.

Queensland is a great place to live and outdoor living plays a major part of this amazing environment. Through better planning and managing we are able to achieve a seamless connection for you from indoor to outdoor living which improves the way you live.

Part of your Sustainable Landscape Solutions is that we address the following issues:

  • Rehabilitation: species with different characters and the ability to assist survival in climate ranges
  • Variety of species: working with a tapestry of different plants
  • Low maintenance and productive landscapes
  • Use of local natives
  • Water sensitivity: reducing your dependency on water supplies
  • Practical delivery of your design ideas
  • Evolving environments: we continually work with you and adapt to different environments
  • Developing a landscape using different micro-climates for you
  • Education to young and old on how to maintain the garden and landscape
  • Lifestyle: ensuring you have an overall social, warm, and friendly landscape.

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