Recipe Houses

The current challenges in the housing market

– A large gap between unsustainable ‘project’ homes and the escalating costs of customised one off designed homes.
– Affordability of housing and land
– The Great Australian Dream – out of reach

Your sustainable solution – “Recipe Houses”

SUSTAINABLE believes we need affordable and environmentally sustainable buildings that nurture the global environment by the use of sustainable building systems that provide economical, practical solutions that enhance the built environment and reduce environmental destruction.

SUSTAINABLE has developed a new affordable, low maintenance and well designed, site specific housing alternative. “Recipe Housing” homes (as we refer to them) are a selection of energy-efficient pre-designed modules or components that are linked together and built onsite to create your perfect house.

The modules allow you to choose from are a wide selection of small, medium and large living, sleeping, storage and connection modules to suit your lifestyle and requirements.

You simply select how many bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas you require and during the design stage we arrange and connect these modules in the most advantageous locations on your site so that the final product is a complete sustainable home, customised for your site.

What sets “Recipe Houses” apart for you?

Recipe Housing is a proven sustainable architecture design and construct package.

We have designed and constructed OVER 20 Recipe Homes to date in rural and city areas, ranging from Townsville in QLD, all the way to Scone in NSW.

What sets Recipe Housing apart is that the homes are not pre-fabricated or pre-built pods or kit homes that are just delivered onsite. They are not simply a standard plan list that you pick your house from alike the project market, nor are they an owner builder pack. Recipe Housing is completely designed for your individual site and built on your site.

The homes are sustainable and energy efficient because they all take into account your site conditions, for example the contours of your land, site orientation, vistas/views, climate zone, building requirements, local authority regulations, soil type and wind zone category.

Quality architecture makes a difference.

Your Recipe houses advantages:

Site specific- NOT pre-fabricated pods or kit homes
Constructed onsite
Flexible & a wide variety of selection:  From small, medium and large living, sleeping, storage modules
Energy efficient: Resource efficient, water waste and energy efficient – Well designed alternative to project housing
Adaptable & a wide variety of sites: Recipe Housing can be positioned anywhere, from an inner suburban block to remote regional areas
Low maintenance
Environmentally friendly building materials: exterior walls are clad in your choice of maintenance free colorbond steel, hardipanels (for example Linea), Hebel power panels, fibre cement sheeting or western red cedar planks
Minimises waste materials &construction impacts on the site
Built utilising sustainable technologies
Utilises local council utilities: (depending on location) or can be stand alone, with the provision for water tanks, solar power and domestic onsite sewerage treatment plants
The dream of sustainable architecture is possible

Where we design and construct?

Sustainable designs and construct our Recipe Houses throughout:

– Brisbane
– Gold Coast
– Sunshine Coast
– Southern Downs QLD
– Toowoomba
– North Coast NSW
– South East QLD

Simple selection process (How it works)

1. You purchase a block of land and come to us. We provide advice in regards to what modules we believe, will best suit the site and provide information on orientation, ventilation, slope etc.
2. You decide what modules what you want and how many. There are different Living, Bedroom and Services modules that are combined to create your home.
3. You select from our range of finishes, fittings and fixtures, all of which will be provided to you as part of our standard information package.
4. Your working drawings are produced, approvals and engineering are obtained.
5. Your Recipe House is constructed.

Is your site/block of land ideally suited for a Recipe House?

We build Recipe Homes on the following sites:

– Remote/difficult sites of all sizes/shapes and contours
– Flat or steep slopes (we can use a variety of slab on ground or a steel posts for a house raised off the ground)
– Urban development projects
– Small Lots, Large Lots or Acreage Time pressured projects
– Locations were trades people are scarce
– Projects with budget limitations
– Site where access to amenities is limited
– Whole community creation

The end result is an architecturally designed house, unique to your site and your needs, without the traditionally associated costs. Recipe Houses are the affordable and sustainable method to build houses for the future.

How long does it take?

A Recipe house (one of our designs customised for your site) will involve:

Small Module House:
Design Stage – 5-6 weeks (approximately)
Construction Stage – 10-12 weeks(approximately)

Medium Module House:
Design Stage – 6-7 weeks (approximately)
Construction Stage – 12-14 weeks(approximately)

Large Module House:
Design Stage – 7-8 weeks (approximately)
Construction Stage – 14-16 weeks(approximately)

Approval Stage – 3 weeks (unless required to submit a Development Application approval which takes a minimum of 3 months)

Please note that time frames are subject to site constraints, site location, soil type, client input and level of finish required.

Your recipe house costs?

Design Costs
The design fees vary for each of the different types of houses and are based upon each individual house and the site location and vary between $10k-$30k.
Construction Costs
Below is a table to give you an indication of construction only costs.
Please note these are approximate figures and are subject to your individual design requirements, site conditions, site location, available services (electricity, water etc.), soil type and any other factors that may inhibit or impact upon construction works.

Recipe House Construction costs:

– Small Module House = $185k – $285k
(2 bed + study, 1 @ 1/2 bath)

– Medium Module House = $250k – $350k
(3 bed + study, 2 & 1/2 bath)

– Large Module House = $330k – $430k
(4 bed + study, 2 & 1/2 bath + 2 living rooms)

Quality sustainable architecture and design are an investment in your future.

Your proof from Australia’s renowned home building industry

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) which is Australia’s largest residential building organisation and the voice of Australia’s home building industry – has awarded Sustainable with over 60 Australian housing awards. In particular the majority of these are the Australian Greensmart Energy Efficiency awards, including numerous Greensmart Home of the year awards.

Not only have our custom homes been highly awarded within Australia, so to have our retrofits (sustainable renovations) with awards for Queensland Renovation/ Addition Project of the Year. Our designs are also highly regarded within the QLD area, in particular, our awards for Best Design for the Queensland Climate.

Our Sustainable Design and Construction Team who are experts in sustainable housing, have also been highly recognised with the Australain Greensmart Professional of the Year awards.

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