Partnership Gallery

Two of Warwick Horse Trial’s valued photographer partners, Calico Pony and The J’Taime, are highly commended by local and surrounding Queensland and New South Wales communities for their breathtaking equestrian and animal photography. 

Katie Mendl, with over ten years experience as a professional photographer — capturing an array of portraiture, editorials, weddings and also animal photography throughout her career — started her own excitingly successful business, Calico Pony. Ultimately, it was Katie’s love for animal photography, particularly horses, that lead her to fully focus on her passion; now creating stunning fine art interior prints for purchase. 

Jedd Johnstone, owner of The J’Taime, is a young emerging creative equestrian photographer, expressing a modern media approach to creating emotional connections between owners, riders, spectators, sponsors and their horse companions. An interest that stemmed originally from his own journey of competing, Jedd is now passionately pursuing photography, social media management and creating websites full time. 

Phone: (07) 3201 1177