FAQ’s build or renovate?

Questions to assist you that you might find helpful in deciding whether to build new (Individual House/Recipe House) or retrofit/renovate:

Items you should consider when building a new house:

  • Have you purchased the block of land? If not select a vacant block with the longest sides facing north/south and the shortest sides facing east/west. If you have purchased a block of land with a house on it, you will need to consider the costs for removal or demolition of the existing house.
  • How many bedrooms/bathrooms/living areas/external areas would you like?
  • Is your land sloping or flat? All of our designs are customised to suit both sloping and flat sites.

Items you should consider when renovating your existing home:

  • Make a wish list of what you would ideally like changed/added to your home and consider whether you want to do these alterations in stages or all at once? Usually your budget will dictate this.
  • Would you like to improve the landscaping around your home? We also provide landscaping as well as masterplanning design and construction services.
  • When renovating your existing home, keep in mind the sq/m costs are significantly higher than if you were to build a new home, no matter who you build with.
  • Could you live in the house whilst the renovations were underway? If not you will need to consider moving to another house whilst construction works are underway, which would incur additional relocation and rental costs.
  • Renovating will always add value to your home when you go to re-sell it.
    • Large retrofits will see a home charged with light, energy and life, whilst also maximising the flow of natural breezes.
    • Small retrofits will make a difference (Eg: light bulb replacement, showerhead and tap selection).
  • Is your land sloping or flat? All of our designs are customised to suit both sloping and flat sites.

Other items you could consider:

  • Would you like to incorporate various environmental initiatives to reduce the long term costs and maintenance of your home? This is our specialty for both new Individually Designed Homes, Recipe Houses and Retrofits.
  • Is your block of land or existing house in a remote area? If so this will require various services to be provided to your site ie water, electricity, septic system, which will require additional costs.
  • What type of construction would you prefer? ie lightweight materials.

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