The Sunday Mail: Dream Homes 2009 Article

Family home at The Gap [in Brisbane] which featured in the The Sunday Mail Dream Homes 2009 feature.

Read about the full transformation of the space, which was occupied with an unwanted pool, and converted into a 45,000L water tank complete with a beautifully landscaped backyard.

Text Translation

ECO-FRIENDLY: Transforming the family pool into outdoor living space was always going to save water, especially as the redesigned area (above, with landscape architect Tobias Volbert) now doubles as a water trap.

An eco-conscious Brisbane family has put the planet ahead of summer fun by turning their pool into a water trap to feed the garden. The really clever part was to disguise it with an outdoor room on a floating deck. 

Landscape architect Tobias Volbert from Sustainable Buildings said re-directing water was the key to this $250,000 project. 

The spend included transforming the front garden, engineering works, building the floating decks, doing a vegetable patch, converting the pool and waterproofing a garage. 

Now when it rains, water is captured and filtered in large gravel pits underneath the floating decks, which is then diverted to water the front garden. The remainder spills over into the storm water system. 

“So often you see after rain people still get out and water their lawn,” Mr Volbert said. “This way everything is thoroughly watered.”

Drought proofing the property was a requirement.

The 45,000-litre pool-turned-water tank ensures there is enough water to supply all of the productive landscape and it will eventually be plumbed into the house. 

Before being transformed into a giant water receptacle, the pool was cleaned and water-proofed. Engineering works were then completed before attaching a concrete lid. 

Rain water diverted from the house roof is led into the water tank and used to water the new L-shaped vegetable patch and the garden.

“One big rain and the tank is full and there’s enough water there to water the garden for the next four months.”

The family said they were “thrilled” with the new look. 

“It is a place where you can be comfortable entertaining, lounging, gardening, or just hiding from the world,” they said. 

“We have spent more time in the new space in the past couple of months than in the previous eight years.”



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