At Sustainable, sustainability is more than our name – it is our promise.

Through our Recipe Housing approach, Sustainable creates affordable, environmentally friendly homes that deliver energy and cost efficient living throughout the 25 year life cycle of the house.

With the cost of electricity rising, homes with high environmental  performance save their residents money in the long term.

Find out more about our Sustainability Principles here.

If you want more information about the sustainability built in to all Recipe Housing homes, we recommend watching the video about the Kingfisher House build.  View the video here.


Got Questions?  We have answers.

Why select the Recipe Housing approach?
What are the Recipe Housing Sustainability Principles?
I have a difficult to access or sloping site. Can Sustainable help?
I want to build more than 1 house on my block.  Is Recipe Housing suitable?
Where can I see previous Recipe House builds?
Ok, I am ready to start my own Recipe House.  How can I express interest?

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