PROTECT Podcast x Sustainable

The PROTECT Podcast is an ‘environmental podcast’ created and hosted by Melbourne-based journalist, Angela Fedele. Angela’s podcast explores relevant social topics relating to sustainability and protecting animal welfare and the environment.

CEO Brett McKenzie and the Sustainable Team established a valued partnership with Angela in early 2021. On two occasions, Brett has been invited to present as a guest speaker on the PROTECT Podcast to share his extensive knowledge and experience in the building industry and sustainability spaces. The Sustainable Team thanks Angela for providing a platform to discuss these very timely and crucial community topics.

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S5, Ep. 3 — “Building For Climate Resilience: Australia’s 2022 Flood Disaster”

May 18, 2022

PROTECT Podcast, Episode 3, S5 – “Building For Climate Resilience: Australia’s 2022 Flood Disaster” | Host: Angela Fedele; Guest Speaker: Brett McKenzie (Sustainable CEO)

The ‘Building For Climate Resilience’ podcast episode provides an insightful look at resilience building, concentrating on Southern QLD and Northern NSW flood history. Sustainable’s philosophy works with local environments through a 25-year Lifecycle Modelling process. Throughout this episode, Brett refers to the 2022 Fingal Head (Northern NSW) Sustainable Custom Design, ‘The Hidden Gem’, as a testament to resilience building. ‘Standing as an example of what is possible, Brett delves into opportunities to restructure local governments, incentives to rebuild for the future and ideas for redesigning and moving entire communities from disaster prone areas.’ YES, it is certainly possible!

S2, Ep. 6 — “Building Sustainable Communities”

March 19, 2021

PROTECT Podcast, Episode 6, S2 – “Building Sustainable Communities” | Host: Angela Fedele; Guest Speaker: Brett McKenzie (Sustainable CEO)

‘Building Sustainable Communities’ briefly explains the importance of engaging sustainable principles within residential design processes. Angela and Brett’s discussion lightly touches an understanding of sustainable building and it’s benefits from a design, performance and community point of view. This podcast episode outlines the relevance of sustainability within the Australian building industry, focusing on creating future developments that reflect truly sustainable communities. As such, this sustainable community conversation encapsulates the important understanding of applying basic sustainable principles and long-term thinking to ensure truly sustainable living.

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