TREND Windows & Doors: Case Story

“Brett McKenzie On The Positives of Passive Design”

In November 2021, the team from TREND Windows & Doors, a long-standing partner with Sustainable, invited Sustainable CEO Brett McKenzie to showcase his 35+ year sustainable Design & Construct expertise for their Passive Design article running in April 2022. (Please see the article link below.)

Brett and the Sustainable Team take pride in our longstanding 25-year partnership with TREND, and thank their team for showcasing our award-winning experience in the field of passive design.

Sourced from TREND — ‘The Positives of Passive Design’ article.

“As sustainability becomes synonymous with beautiful architecture, passive design is no longer an afterthought. This design approach leans on surrounding climate and building elements to naturally heat or cool your home. And in turn, it works to reduce your energy bills and environmental impact. It’s true that passive design is a positive force in more than one way. One person who leads the way in the passive design space is Brett McKenzie, CEO of Sustainable. Brett is a long-time champion of passive design principles. With over 35 years of experience in construction and building design and over 25 years of partnership with Trend, Brett has seen how …”
[Click here to read the full article on the TREND website]

“Passive design is about creating buildings, spaces and habitats that are much more meaningful and healthy for the individual.” — CEO Brett McKenzie

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